"Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do."  ~ Rumi

FELT SO RIGHT: Fiber Art by Dawn Edwards

Dawn Edwards, 
fiber artist, creates, designs and handcrafts colorful, wearable felt art. Each unique piece is hand-felted and formed using a variety of methods, many dating back to ancient days, others using much more modern techniques, but all producing what she hopes you will find to be beautiful results. 

Dawn's felt creations are often noted for their unique style and technique. Her use of vibrant colors, textures, and sculptural aspects make her pieces an excellent choice for a wide range of tastes. Her artistic works range from functional to playful, but at the heart of all of her pieces, is an eye for meticulous attention to detail.

    Thank you to models: Lori Zamora, Brianna Morris, and Abigail Morris, and to photographers, Ryan Lindsey Photography, Mary B. Whalen Photographer, and Sally Leone of Photographic Memories - Photography By Leones, LLC. 
    Felt So Right:
    Fiber Art by Dawn Edwards
    P.O. Box 402
    Plainwell, MI 49080

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